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The NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub provides scientific information and advice to support decision making in the marine environment, specifically in implementing and monitoring marine bioregional plans, developing the National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas, and supporting the information needs of the Department of the Environment in providing key baseline information.

The Marine Biodiversity Hub is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Environmental Research Program (NERP), administered by the Department of the Environment.

The 5 themes of the Marine Hub under the NERP program include:

1.  National monitoring, evaluation and reporting
2.  Supporting management of marine biodiversity
3.  National ecosystems knowledge
4.  Regional biodiversity discovery to support marine bioregional plans
5.  Science and policy initiatives - Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Monitoring Framework

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NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub
Research Highlights 2013

Download web, print quality

or request a hard copy


NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub Research Portfolio 2013


NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub
Research Portfolio 2013

Download web or print quality versions,
or request a hard copy



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